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  2. Destroyer, Javelin-class

    This image showing several Vulcans repairing a Javelin was taken from the Aegis Wrecking Crew pack offered through Concierge
  3. Accepting all applications apply now! - https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/GLORY2THNR We specialize in piracy, smuggling and much more! Have any questions? Discord - https://discord.gg/SknvkTd Join Today!
  4. Canadian Forces Cadpat Vest

    encore disponible la veste tactique ?
  5. Ongoing Discussion Saitek x55 and x56

    Thanks. I pickup another x52 pro at micro center. Pay for the extended warranty ($39) 3 years. I know it going to break down sooner then the warranty. So it like a $39 rental till a good hotas come out. It was just seem add that no locals store carry the x56, so I could (rent) it
  6. Wingman and your ships

    escort was also a thing they talked about years ago, with a limit of 2 or mayby max 4 but never been furter then yust talking about it, no promises where made afaik
  7. Wingman and your ships

    What I cannot understand cleary is if I shall hire an NPC escort + ships (so the ship is "included" in the NPC when I hire him) OR I can use one of my alt AI chars (linked to the account) and - besides using them to crew my ship (that was confrimed) - also put them in one (let's say) Gladius that I own and use it as an IA escort for the ship I'm flying.
  8. Wingman and your ships

    We can still hire escorts to fly our ships, or use our own NPC's but still have to pay them as employee's under contract. I don't think that will ever change. Keep in mind this: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/npc-crew-2 Also Chris specifically said he wants players to be able to hire escorts. (2014) http://scqa.info/?show=10FTC&episode=10&qid=4 From Tony (2016) http://scqa.info/?show=10FTC&episode=87&qid=9
  9. Ongoing Discussion Saitek x55 and x56

    Saitek products have a lot of quality control issues, one of the reasons they went under in the first place. Now that they're back and being owned by Logitech, I would assume they're all getting rid of the old products so they can do a complete re-branding of their name and push out new, better products. I would hold off unless you really need a HOTAS. Personally I'm waiting for VKB to come out with their Space Sim product line, and we also have the Star Citizen product line coming from Mad Catz which just came back and are also re-branding themselves. Lot's of things coming but you'll have to be patient. VKB You can still find the x55 and x56 on Amazon if you really wanted them though. But imo would not be a wise decision. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00HHAIY72/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all https://www.amazon.com/Saitek-Flight-Controller-SCB432210002-01/dp/B01CZTSS3O
  10. new Hi all

    Welcome to the Base!
  11. Pirate Code discussion with CIG devs

    true. though id love to know what they're planning on doing to avert griefers, that information could be used to a griefer's advantage. as long as CIG says they'll take a solid stance against it, im fine with it.
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  13. Ongoing Discussion Saitek x55 and x56

    Anyone know what's going on with those 2 hotas? My x52 broke and was looking for a replacement/step up. None of my local store have it in stock and Best buy Fry have it listed D clearance, but both was out of stock also....
  14. Wingman and your ships

    Interesting topic I found in Spectrum. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/npc-s-flying-your-ships-as-wing-men-not-set-in-sto Will hired NPCs (or alt characters in other packages) be able to fly - as AI - as a wingman using your owned ships? I recall that in the past CR said something about your alts (or hired NPC) could co-crew your ship, but did not remember if he said something about wingmen.
  15. Want to Buy Looking to buy a lti starfarer

    Unless someone has a LTI ship that is cheaper to buyback than it is now, that's about as good as you're going to get, and that's literally cost for me, not covering PP fees. I wouldn't do it, but to each their own.
  16. Die Aegis Vulcan ist im Sale. Sie bietet drei Personen Platz und kann sowohl andere Schiffe betanken, als auch diese reparieren und neue Munition liefern. Dazu stehen verschiedene Drohnen zur Verfügung. Der Preis startet bei über 200€ für die Echtgeldvariante.
  17. Game Day, February 24th

    You weren’t there so I had no reason to continue! 😭 and ever think of watching at 1am central? 😏 #scrubadubdub #blackclover#1 Feel like were getting bans tomorrow when someone finds this 🤔
  18. Game Day, February 24th

    M8, if you actually put effort into your goals, you might still have a living twitch community. Still, those were 30 minutes better spent than watching one of your non-existent streams. We're actually really good friends, this isn't serious at all
  19. Game Day, February 24th

    I see you’ve been playin too much DnD. Lol I could just delete my comment and make you look crazy 🤔 we will see. Also, have you ever thought my goal was to get you to waste 30 min of your life writing pointless things? So did you really win?
  20. Game Day, February 24th

    Well, well, well, @SwitchOnTwitch, if you want to levy a formal complaint then this just became a very serious matter indeed. I will say, though, as the accused party in this spectacle, I maintain every right to defend myself. Unfortunately for you, however, you've challenged me in my own post, and now you'll need to support your complaint in our very first instance of: Moderation Court Judge: @Sir_Belial Jury: @Sir_Belial Executioner: @Sir_Belial Prosecutor: @SwitchOnTwitch Defendant: @Sir_Belial Village Idiot: @SwitchOnTwitch Alright, let's get this started. This looks like an open and shut case, but we have to go through the motions anyway. *Bangs gavel* Okay, so the prosecution has stated that the Defendant has violated rule 14 of the SCB forums. They've also handily provided a link to the actual rule itself, so let's take a look here: 14. Formatting: For the sake of maintaining the clarity of our forums, when posting content that is copied from another outlet or source, we ask, that it be formatted in a presentable and professional manner. This means when you create a post, you must remove the old formatting from the previous source it has been copied from and re-present it when pasted here. Additionally, when creating a post, we ask that it have more content than just a link. For example, you could provide your thoughts on the linked information or a brief summary of whats found in the link. That seems pretty clear-cut to me, but what does the Defense have to say about their non-compliance with this rule? Your Honor, the Defendant would like point out that the wording for Rule 14 indicates that it entirely in reference to the re-posting of content from another site, and as to avoid any formatting issues, the re-poster must take the time to format the posted content into a readable manner, devoid of it's original formatting. There is really no other way to read this rule other than the method I the Defendant have just described, and since this post is not sourced from another site, this rule is non-applicable. Therefore, this complaint is entirely lacking in logic or reason, and seems to only maintain a singular purpose: to slander the Defendant. Whoa there, I won't be having any additional counter-charges added on to this case. I do see reason in your initial counter-statement, though. However, the Prosecution still has three points that haven't been addressed. Would the Defendant like to continue? Yes, I would like to address the rest of their supporting points in due order: While bullet points are "cool", numerical lists are far superior, as represented by the list of rules the Prosecution linked to in their initial complaint. While orange text means moderation, gold text is the standard for a flat-out beat down in Moderation Court, and by no means a "troll" comment. I'll fuk'n wreck you m8 Your Honor, the Defense rests. Alright, I think I've seen enough. This case started out as a complaint for a rule violation, but turned into a straight murder in my courtroom. Prosecution, I've been convinced that this complaint should've been dismissed in it's entirety, and by allowing it to progress this far in court, I've only allowed you to be embarrassed in front of your peers. I will allow closing statements from the Defendant, and then we will end with your sentencing. Thank you, Your Honor. In closing: Brutal. Now to end this continued embarrassment of the Prosecution, we will bypass the judgement from the Jury, and immediately sentence you to death, so that you will never need to face whatever friends you have left after receiving this level of humiliation. Court dismissed! *Bangs gavel*
  21. Want to Buy Looking to buy a lti starfarer

    Can offer you upgraded Starfarer LTI 300$
  22. I am just curious how much people here would sell one for and if a good price is found i would buy.
  23. Game Day, February 24th

    I'd like to make a complaint that you (@Sir_Belial) are not using BULLETS. Violation of FR 14! Bullets are cool Moderation not in orange is troll 1v1 me
  24. New ship idea, I need feedback and help! :)

    Nice video and ty for posting, Frontal shield or one sided shield was also an idea that I had but I just wondered how that could work in SC gameplay, also I dont think the ship should havea strong hull if it got shields as it has to trade for one of them, hence why they ship would me slim in design cause lack of armour, but that would make it harder to hit from the front once the shield goes down. I still would like the ship to maybe have 1 supportive module on it may it be repair drones or a med bay if that wouldnt wreck balance. I here what you say but I still think we should have more ships in the support role, might not have to be medical but something adding to the fleet other then weps and such
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