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    J.Coren was the patch maker and has gotten in touch with me.
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  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Can't make it, headed to Purdue vs. Michigan game (American Football). BTFU
  8. welcome nice to see new ppl
  9. Yesterday
  10. In DK, did you search for custom embroidery shops, cuz that's what patches are, custom embroidery projects.
  11. Buy MOAR crap for yourself Sales from Newegg! promotion ends 27 September 29" IPS wide screen for $259 ASUS mobo for $145 after MIR
  12. Heyo! I'm completely Stoked for Star Citizen 3.0! I've done a LOT of work with setting up Voice Attack and it's configuration for efficient use with Star Citizen, so if you have any questions, I can help :D

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    i can get 100 made on rush ,,,,, if people wanted them badly............. still off shore------- let me know boss.....
  14. @Gallitin, I'm well versed in IPB, if you need somebody to throw problems at, I'm always available. Val
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    just looking at the prices 140:00 average to get made 9 thread color 3.5 patch
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  17. So far we know of six alien races in the verse. I'm kind of concerned though, that we're the only levo-amino species...

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    Grizz check the patch link. I liked from stefmarster post in may 14,2014, Badges and patches
  20. Patch link grizz.........
  21. If you hit yer 50s and your only problem is sore mussels, your doing great Mild Tendinitis or arthritis just a reminder yer not young.
  22. Definition of a (terrestrial) boat/ship: a hole in the water into which one throws money. That's why I got cataract surgery done - get the TorQ implants - no more astigmatism! W00T! This needs to be a wallpaper engine image
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    That is super cool
  24. 2625 meters of pipe hanging ,to seabed sample time. Maybe I'll be home 27th. Rdy to hit austin next month. Vacation aproved. Hotel paid...
  25. Old guys rule. .... Yup...tendinitis. arthritis creaping in . Squint eye......
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