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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
xyphon xyphon 02/06/2014 Traded a Hornet LTI. Simple, fast and trustworthy. Maverick Maverick
DoctorSyn DoctorSyn 01/31/2014 Great trading experience from "Experienced Trader" on /r/Starcitizen_Trades Amuns Amuns
Amuns Amuns 01/31/2014 A+ Great Trader - We swapped packages. DoctorSyn DoctorSyn
redwolf redwolf 01/29/2014 Great Trader. Sent both items. DoctorSyn DoctorSyn
xyphon xyphon 01/28/2014 No muss, no fuss! Got the exact items I bargained for. Thanx Mate! Gremlich Gremlich
xyphon xyphon 01/22/2014 Quick, straightforward, very good experience! (MM: WarWulf) Jon1812 Jon1812
xyphon xyphon 01/22/2014 Super-quick, trustworthy trader! Summanus Summanus
xyphon xyphon 01/10/2014 Retaliator - No hassle Eatbeast Eatbeast
xyphon xyphon 01/10/2014 F7C-M Upgrade Eatbeast Eatbeast
xyphon xyphon 01/10/2014 F7A Military Skin - Quick Trade Eatbeast Eatbeast
Jump Drive Jump Drive 01/01/2014 Great Seller A+ Can be trusted. (Second Ship) DoctorSyn DoctorSyn
Jump Drive Jump Drive 01/01/2014 Great Seller A+ Can be trusted. DoctorSyn DoctorSyn
Eatbeast Eatbeast 12/28/2013 Great Seller. Fast! Thanks! bladeofdeath3 bladeofdeath3
DarthAraknus DarthAraknus 11/25/2013 Awesome to work with, got a new package & a Starfarer... Thanks Darth Arkanus!!! Arcanus Arcanus
DarthAraknus DarthAraknus 11/25/2013 Excellent communication, hassle-free transaction. Highly recommended trader. Syjak Syjak
DarthAraknus DarthAraknus 11/25/2013 10/10 would do again! Great Transaction! Lover Lover
Stoff Stoff 11/24/2013 Stoff was middleman and did it fast and easy :) Havocide Havocide
Stoff Stoff 11/24/2013 Great Seller. Quick and hassle-free transaction Orion Pax Orion Pax
Exte Exte 11/24/2013 Great Seller! Orion Pax Orion Pax
Stoff Stoff 11/23/2013 No Issues. Smooth (Idris-P) danredda danredda
Stoff Stoff 11/22/2013 easy, fast, trustworthy turrible turrible
Exte Exte 11/22/2013 Easy as it gets! AntieX AntieX
Exte Exte 11/20/2013 Great seller Horrace Horrace
Horrace Horrace 11/20/2013 Quick and easy buyer. No hassles and everyone was happy. Rhehaud180 Rhehaud180
Athenos Athenos 11/20/2013 a pleasure! Morgenroete Morgenroete
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