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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
flamadin flamadin 04/27/2014 Worked out a successful deal for an M50 and he helped walked me through it VoA VoA
pyro nl pyro nl 04/23/2014 Trustworthy guy, will trade with anytime :) xyphon xyphon
xyphon xyphon 04/23/2014 sold a banu :) have funn withit pyro nl pyro nl
Stoff Stoff 03/02/2014 Smooth transaction with no issues Daigren Daigren
Daigren Daigren 03/02/2014 Smooth deal. :) Stoff Stoff
xerxo xerxo 02/22/2014 Great to trade with. Was completed in an hour. Trustworthy. Etzo Etzo
Etzo Etzo 02/22/2014 Freelancer LTI, 10/10 buyer xerxo xerxo
Draegar Draegar 02/22/2014 Freelancer LTI, smooth transaction, 10/10 would sandwich again xerxo xerxo
Stoff Stoff 02/21/2014 Great guy, transaction went very smooth and quick! :) xyphon xyphon
xyphon xyphon 02/21/2014 Smooth Tali deal. :) Stoff Stoff
Natural Killer Cell Natural Killer Cell 02/17/2014 NKC is trustworthy and completed transaction easily xyphon xyphon
xyphon xyphon 02/17/2014 everything went smoothly and as promised, thx for the deal! Natural Killer Cell Natural Killer Cell
WarWulf WarWulf 02/13/2014 WarWulf acted as Middleman; Very Satisfactory! Jon1812 Jon1812
Jon1812 Jon1812 02/13/2014 great buyer! very polite and prompt. smooth transaction via WarWulf :) xyphon xyphon
xyphon xyphon 02/12/2014 Simple, quick, very satisfactory. Jon1812 Jon1812
xyphon xyphon 02/06/2014 Traded a Hornet LTI. Simple, fast and trustworthy. Maverick Maverick
DoctorSyn DoctorSyn 01/31/2014 Great trading experience from "Experienced Trader" on /r/Starcitizen_Trades Amuns Amuns
Amuns Amuns 01/31/2014 A+ Great Trader - We swapped packages. DoctorSyn DoctorSyn
redwolf redwolf 01/29/2014 Great Trader. Sent both items. DoctorSyn DoctorSyn
xyphon xyphon 01/28/2014 No muss, no fuss! Got the exact items I bargained for. Thanx Mate! Gremlich Gremlich
xyphon xyphon 01/22/2014 Quick, straightforward, very good experience! (MM: WarWulf) Jon1812 Jon1812
xyphon xyphon 01/22/2014 Super-quick, trustworthy trader! Summanus Summanus
xyphon xyphon 01/10/2014 Retaliator - No hassle Eatbeast Eatbeast
xyphon xyphon 01/10/2014 F7C-M Upgrade Eatbeast Eatbeast
xyphon xyphon 01/10/2014 F7A Military Skin - Quick Trade Eatbeast Eatbeast
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