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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Monoace Monoace 02/02/2017 Quick, smooth transaction. Great buyer. Jon1812 Jon1812
Jon1812 Jon1812 02/02/2017 Great Seller to deal with. Clean, Efficient and Trusted Would come to this Seller first if i need anything. Monoace Monoace
REIGN REIGN 02/02/2017 another repeat customer... quick and easy sale... would sell to Reign again!! AstroJak AstroJak
Hoplite73 Hoplite73 02/02/2017 Great buyer, gracious upon some delays in the sale. Jon1812 Jon1812
Nocmad Nocmad 02/01/2017 I shall say, dear Mr. Nocmad was a jolly good fellow, i appreciated his top hat and monical and general fine manner... good overall chap... pip pip!!! AstroJak AstroJak
AstroJak AstroJak 02/01/2017 Reliant Core #2 was a good deal, thanks Astro Nocmad Nocmad
Nocmad Nocmad 02/01/2017 Fast easy trade it was a pleasure StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 02/01/2017 Bought a Reliant Kore, fast and honest sale. Will buy from again if possible! Nocmad Nocmad
Epicsuccess Epicsuccess 01/31/2017 Fast and easy sale to a repeat buyer.... AstroJak AstroJak
Tsarbomba Tsarbomba 01/30/2017 Smooth and polite trade thanks ! StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie
Jon1812 Jon1812 01/29/2017 Great seller. Transaction took minutes. Easy to communicate with. Will buy from again. Tsarbomba Tsarbomba
Jon1812 Jon1812 01/29/2017 transaction took only a few minutes. Great seller, feel confident with him. Great communication Tsarbomba Tsarbomba
Tsarbomba Tsarbomba 01/29/2017 Quick and easy transaction. Great Buyer! Jon1812 Jon1812
Ariesyn Ariesyn 01/29/2017 Fantastic Buyer! Super fast payment! Thanks for the purchase. Will deal with again, anytime. StratoCrewzr StratoCrewzr
Vaderhexagon Vaderhexagon 01/29/2017 Excellent transaction. Payment was made immediately. Excellent Buyer! Thanks! StratoCrewzr StratoCrewzr
StratoCrewzr StratoCrewzr 01/29/2017 Kudos on a excellent transaction! Awesome trader! Ariesyn Ariesyn
Nocmad Nocmad 01/26/2017 Very Fast and reliable trader! thank you Sir! flamadin flamadin
flamadin flamadin 01/26/2017 Great seller. Very responsive and great to do business with! Will buy from again Nocmad Nocmad
KonEllin KonEllin 01/26/2017 Great Buyer CheeseNorris CheeseNorris
✪ LEGACY ✪ LEGACY 01/26/2017 good trader! Furystorm Furystorm
Furystorm Furystorm 01/26/2017 Bought an Andromeda to BMM CCU. Fast and efficient sale. +++++ ✪ LEGACY ✪ LEGACY
Jon1812 Jon1812 01/25/2017 Excellent transaction. No problems at all. Would 10/10 buy again for this seller. Hoplite73 Hoplite73
Hoplite73 Hoplite73 01/25/2017 Great buyer. Smooth and easy trade! Jon1812 Jon1812
Corok Corok 01/24/2017 great communication, fast smooth transaction StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 01/24/2017 Another successful repeat purchase. Great seller. Corok Corok