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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Leonn Leonn 10/26/2018 Sold 3 ships to this buyer. Excellent comms and swiftly made the transaction. Great buyer to have! Tom Villder Tom Villder
Tom Villder Tom Villder 10/25/2018 2nd time buying from Tom. 3 more ships, great Comms & instant delivery. Excellent. Leonn Leonn
Magster Magster 10/24/2018 Greate bayer! Fast payment. Thank you! Hope to see you again :) Might Might
AgentSpot AgentSpot 10/23/2018 Sold 1 Hercules C2 LTI to this buyer... this was my first sale and he was very patient with me. Excellent comms throughout! Tom Villder Tom Villder
Leonn Leonn 10/23/2018 Sold 2 Hercules C2 LTI to this buyer... enjoyed quick comms with him and paid on time. Will gladly sell to again! Tom Villder Tom Villder
Tom Villder Tom Villder 10/23/2018 Excellent seller, fast sale with great communication Leonn Leonn
Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net 10/23/2018 always good and easy :) suppe86 suppe86
suppe86 suppe86 10/23/2018 Fast and smooth transaction, as usual. My favourite buyer. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
Tom Villder Tom Villder 10/23/2018 Great Seller! Every Time again! AgentSpot AgentSpot
Razdan Razdan 10/22/2018 Razdan was easy to deal with and paid promptly so i'd sell to him again. AstroJak AstroJak
AstroJak AstroJak 10/22/2018 Great seller! Razdan Razdan
Chimaera Chimaera 10/22/2018 Thanks! Morgenroete Morgenroete
Morgenroete Morgenroete 10/22/2018 Great sale! Thanks my friend! Chimaera Chimaera
AstroJak AstroJak 10/21/2018 Smooth trading as usual! SirDoAlot SirDoAlot
SirDoAlot SirDoAlot 10/20/2018 Sirdoalot was a pleasure to deal with and i'd sell to him for as long as he has money!!! AstroJak AstroJak
Dead-Cat-Dance Dead-Cat-Dance 10/18/2018 Quick responses to questions. I got what I paid for. Would use again. The sequence of ship upgrades used meant the ship I bought actually cost $5 more than advertised (but has $5 more melt value). Seller had already gone over his Gift limit for the day so it took ~12 hours after paying for my ship to be delivered. I found these to be understandable mistakes and it worked out. If invoice, Paypal has higher fees if seller/buyer not in same country. This seller is in Russia and rounds fees to 5%. Boildown Boildown
Darek Darek 10/18/2018 I said it once I'll say it again. Best SC ship store around, will be buying exclusively from here! Helius-Centuri Helius-Centuri
Helius-Centuri Helius-Centuri 10/18/2018 Thank you so much for the trade, I hope see you soon again in my store Darek Darek
Chimaera Chimaera 10/16/2018 thanks for the easy/fast trade suppe86 suppe86
suppe86 suppe86 10/16/2018 Great transaction! Quick buyer! Thanks! Chimaera Chimaera
KingsGambit KingsGambit 10/16/2018 Great working with you! Welcome to the site and market! Chimaera Chimaera
Chimaera Chimaera 10/16/2018 Thanks Chimaera, great to trade with you, very friendly and wish you all the best for fatherhood! :-) KingsGambit KingsGambit
KingsGambit KingsGambit 10/15/2018 While KG is new to our SCB shores, he has proven himself a noble purchaser of fine ships. I look forward to our next meeting. AstroJak AstroJak
Darius Marx Darius Marx 10/15/2018 As always, Hector is a pleasure to deal with and i look forward to his next acquisition. AstroJak AstroJak
AstroJak AstroJak 10/15/2018 Thanks so much Astro, very friendly, speedy and a pleasure to trade with. All the best KingsGambit KingsGambit
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