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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Morgenroete Morgenroete 11/15/2018 Easy delivery of a AMD Mustang Omega. Great experience! Etheric Etheric
Etheric Etheric 11/14/2018 Great buyer. Pleasant to do business with. Morgenroete Morgenroete
GRIZZ GRIZZ 11/08/2018 Shipping was super fast and pin was in great condition! If he does any more Imperium merch, I will def be looking at buying! RC159570 RC159570
GRIZZ GRIZZ 11/06/2018 shipped quick. Pins came off but were still in the well secured package so that should be easy to fix. Blout Blout
Arcanus Arcanus 11/06/2018 Paid Promptly, thank you. GRIZZ GRIZZ
Blout Blout 11/06/2018 Paid promptly, Thank you! GRIZZ GRIZZ
GRIZZ GRIZZ 11/06/2018 Great seller! Fast shipping and the pin looks great. Morgenroete Morgenroete
stefmarster stefmarster 11/06/2018 Promptly paid as soon as I mailed the pin. GRIZZ GRIZZ
RC159570 RC159570 11/06/2018 Promptly paid. GRIZZ GRIZZ
Morgenroete Morgenroete 11/06/2018 Payment prompt and accurate. GRIZZ GRIZZ
Buckaroo Buckaroo 11/01/2018 Easy to deal with and quick to pay, I would sell to this buyer again. AstroJak AstroJak
Morgenroete Morgenroete 10/30/2018 easy/fast trade suppe86 suppe86
Morgenroete Morgenroete 10/30/2018 thanks for the easy/fast trade suppe86 suppe86
suppe86 suppe86 10/30/2018 Easy cool fast transaction! Morgenroete Morgenroete
AstroJak AstroJak 10/28/2018 best seller low price fast shipping botva botva
Helius-Centuri Helius-Centuri 10/27/2018 Thank you so much for the trade, I hope see you soon again in my store, and will be glad to offer you my services ones again. Take care and have a Great Day! Darek Darek
Darek Darek 10/27/2018 A+++ Simply put. Good job, and thank you for keeping us Star Citizen junkies happy ;-) Helius-Centuri Helius-Centuri
Leonn Leonn 10/26/2018 Sold 3 ships to this buyer. Excellent comms and swiftly made the transaction. Great buyer to have! Tom Villder Tom Villder
Tom Villder Tom Villder 10/25/2018 2nd time buying from Tom. 3 more ships, great Comms & instant delivery. Excellent. Leonn Leonn
Magster Magster 10/24/2018 Greate bayer! Fast payment. Thank you! Hope to see you again :) Might Might
AgentSpot AgentSpot 10/23/2018 Sold 1 Hercules C2 LTI to this buyer... this was my first sale and he was very patient with me. Excellent comms throughout! Tom Villder Tom Villder
Leonn Leonn 10/23/2018 Sold 2 Hercules C2 LTI to this buyer... enjoyed quick comms with him and paid on time. Will gladly sell to again! Tom Villder Tom Villder
Tom Villder Tom Villder 10/23/2018 Excellent seller, fast sale with great communication Leonn Leonn
Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net 10/23/2018 always good and easy :) suppe86 suppe86
suppe86 suppe86 10/23/2018 Fast and smooth transaction, as usual. My favourite buyer. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net