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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
SirDoAlot SirDoAlot 09/16/2017 Fast and smooth transaction, trustworthy buyer. Recommended! Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
Ken Oath Ken Oath 09/05/2017 Sold Starfarer Gemini to Endeavor (Base) Upgrade. Nice buyer. Fast payment. Thank you for purchasing and good game! silrerbay silrerbay
silrerbay silrerbay 09/05/2017 Another fast smooth transaction, CCU in my hangar very quickly. Thanks Man! Ken Oath Ken Oath
Masauwu Masauwu 09/05/2017 sold a ship, safe and smooth, thank you and please enjoy bOcy bOcy
bOcy bOcy 09/05/2017 Easy to work with and quick response times. Everything went smooth Masauwu Masauwu
Lorddunfunkum Lorddunfunkum 09/02/2017 Fast and smooth deal. Good buyer. D0lph1N D0lph1N
D0lph1N D0lph1N 09/02/2017 Fast same day delivery. CCU Item. Lorddunfunkum Lorddunfunkum
StarC_Newbie StarC_Newbie 08/27/2017 As always, perfect experience buying dragonfly 2 pack. Happy camper. Thank you very much. Again. :) vviz vviz
Darek Darek 08/27/2017 Excellent seller. Gave quick and clear responses to all queries, and maintained regular communication throughout my purchase of a Constellation Aquila, making the whole thing hassle free. I would definitely fully recommend Darek as a vendor. Sky-Citizen Sky-Citizen
flamadin flamadin 08/12/2017 Bought Hull-E > Another fast and smooth transaction as usual. Thanks again! Leonn Leonn
Leonn Leonn 08/12/2017 Another hassle free transaction with a true Gentleman! thank you Leonn flamadin flamadin
Haegr Haegr 08/08/2017 Prompt payment. Good buyer. nightshadexl nightshadexl
CAPNFLUKE CAPNFLUKE 07/29/2017 Sold CCU. Everything is ok. Good buyer D0lph1N D0lph1N
D0lph1N D0lph1N 07/29/2017 Purchased a CCU. Good and fast service. Would recommend. CAPNFLUKE CAPNFLUKE
AstroJak AstroJak 07/28/2017 Thanks for the Polaris! If I need a ship again I know you can be trusted with the big ticket items :-) Uthrac Uthrac
GreycoldWind GreycoldWind 07/25/2017 Fast easy trade. Darek Darek
D0lph1N D0lph1N 07/24/2017 Great service, Thanks! Ken Oath Ken Oath
silrerbay silrerbay 07/24/2017 Very Fast Service Than You! Ken Oath Ken Oath
Ken Oath Ken Oath 07/24/2017 Sold Constellation Andromeda to Vanguard Warden Upgrade. Nice buyer. Fast payment. Thank you for purchasing and good game! silrerbay silrerbay
Ken Oath Ken Oath 07/23/2017 Good buyer D0lph1N D0lph1N
Darek Darek 07/20/2017 Excellent Service Death3ye Death3ye
Darek Darek 07/20/2017 Excellent Service Vaderhexagon Vaderhexagon
silrerbay silrerbay 07/15/2017 Purchased a 325a to Avenger Warlock upgrade from silrerbay. Fast service and a smooth quick transaction. Happy customer here. TEKing66 TEKing66
TEKing66 TEKing66 07/15/2017 Sold 325a to Avenger Warlock Upgrade. Nice buyer. Fast payment. Thank you for purchasing and good game! silrerbay silrerbay
nightshadexl nightshadexl 07/13/2017 Excellent service and consideration for the buyers. He even worked with my request to pay in stages. If I ever need a ship other than my Redeemer, I know who to go to first. Kleeves Kleeves