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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Terrorban Terrorban 04/20/2018 good trader Furystorm Furystorm
BigBy BigBy 04/17/2018 Bought some RSI Credit and all went very smoothly! Kokoro Kokoro
Furystorm Furystorm 04/15/2018 Very nice and good to trade with :) would suggest! harridous harridous
harridous harridous 04/15/2018 good trader Furystorm Furystorm
JudasM JudasM 04/14/2018 Bought an Avenger Renegade LTI from this guy. From my first message to get the item was less then 15 Minutes. This guy is almost as fast as a Webshop :-) Greetings from Germany Hab heute nachmittag von JudasM eine Avenger Renegade LTI gekauft. Von der ersten Nachricht bis zum Abschluss des Handels verging weniger als 15 Minuten. Der gute Mann ist fast so schnell wie ein Webshop und das trotz Zeitdifferenz. 10 out of 10 - Would buy again delta544 delta544
StarStuff StarStuff 04/09/2018 Imperium Member 266 270 posts TRADER FEEDBACK 1 0 0 TOTAL RATING 100% Report post Posted yesterday at 04:57 PM Hi, Payment received. It was a real pleasure dealing with @StarStuff. Honest and very helpful during the process. Comet Comet
Zeabz Zeabz 04/09/2018 Another Great Transaction, wonderful seller! ElGeneraleLoco ElGeneraleLoco
Zeabz Zeabz 04/09/2018 Great seller. Smooth and easy transaction! Unit7644 Unit7644
Unit7644 Unit7644 04/09/2018 Nice and Easy Sale, Great buyer Zeabz Zeabz
Legio Legio 04/08/2018 Thank you for a fast and easy trade, very nice and considerate person. StarStuff StarStuff
Comet Comet 04/08/2018 Thank you for the safe and easy trade. StarStuff StarStuff
Zeabz Zeabz 04/08/2018 Another great transaction. Zeabz has great prices and is great to talk to. A+ ElGeneraleLoco ElGeneraleLoco
Zeabz Zeabz 04/06/2018 Good communication, friendly and quick to transfer after payment. I recommend for all your ship purchasing needs. ElGeneraleLoco ElGeneraleLoco
ElGeneraleLoco ElGeneraleLoco 04/06/2018 Quick and easy transaction. Zeabz Zeabz
Deonaldi Deonaldi 03/24/2018 Sold Him an LTI BMM. Good Buyer easy to deal with no issues Jmorgan Jmorgan
Jmorgan Jmorgan 03/24/2018 Good guy. Was real patient with how long I took to complete the order. Deonaldi Deonaldi
StarStuff StarStuff 03/24/2018 StarStuff was honest and forthcomming with all he said, he was no nonsense, friendly and helpful. The sale was without any problem and was completed quickly. Legio Legio
MadWolfie MadWolfie 03/09/2018 Quick delivery and good service! [BWC] Garro [BWC] Garro
Vampier Vampier 02/24/2018 Fast and friendly, recommended! Booster Terrik Booster Terrik
sirtusk sirtusk 02/17/2018 Sold Freelanser LTI. Quick and easy. Excellent buyer A+++ silrerbay silrerbay
silrerbay silrerbay 02/17/2018 Perfect deal, no problems, Faster than light, reply all my questions preiously and have nice attention with costumer. Realy good trade and nice seller. sirtusk sirtusk
DemonAzrael DemonAzrael 02/16/2018 Great buyer! Clear arrangements. Quick payment. A+++ silrerbay silrerbay
silrerbay silrerbay 02/15/2018 Fast and easy, my recommendations. Willing to work with you and patient, great quality seller. DemonAzrael DemonAzrael
Zeabz Zeabz 02/14/2018 Easy peasy, rapid response, quick delivery Ishimura Ishimura
Ishimura Ishimura 02/14/2018 Quick transaction and great communication. Smooth Transaction Zeabz Zeabz