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Silveredwing Silveredwing 01/07/2019 AAA buyer, recommend GodZe GodZe
silrerbay silrerbay 01/04/2019 Silrerbay is an awesome seller! Quick, professional, kind, and thorough. This was my first experience purchasing and everything went very smoothly. I plan on buying again and I will definitely be using Silrerbay! Danknato Danknato
Danknato Danknato 01/03/2019 Excellent buyer and pleasant to talk. Everything is fast and smooth. Best recommendations! A++ silrerbay silrerbay
Chimaera Chimaera 12/29/2018 A superb seller and a terrific family man and it was a pleasure to help support the new family member. Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean
Kabs Kabs 12/28/2018 Bought the 890 Jump LTI. All went well crayzo crayzo
crayzo crayzo 12/28/2018 selled my 890 Jump ti Crayzo via Ebay. All went good! Kabs Kabs
Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean 12/28/2018 Great buyer and awesome member! Enjoy the Polaris, my friend! Chimaera Chimaera
GodZe GodZe 12/27/2018 Great communication, no problems at all. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again. Thanks. Monkeytime Monkeytime
Monkeytime Monkeytime 12/27/2018 AAA buyer, highly recommend GodZe GodZe
Dhamu Dhamu 12/21/2018 Quick payment and Feedback, Pleasant communication. Highest recommendation! A+++ silrerbay silrerbay
silrerbay silrerbay 12/21/2018 Another great buy from a great seller. I will absolutely supply my entire fleet from Silrebay. Looking forward to many more purchases. Thank you again! Dhamu Dhamu
Sobieski12 Sobieski12 12/20/2018 Another first time buyer, I very happy to help. He was very patient and quick to pay.,I'd sell to him again. AstroJak AstroJak
AstroJak AstroJak 12/20/2018 Wanted a cheap LTI token and Astro delivered very quickly. Sobieski12 Sobieski12
VinegarPancake VinegarPancake 12/20/2018 I always like helping first time buyers and really enjoy when they come back again. cheers!! AstroJak AstroJak
AstroJak AstroJak 12/20/2018 As always a pleasure to deal with AJ, safe and fast transaction. VinegarPancake VinegarPancake
Dead-Cat-Dance Dead-Cat-Dance 12/19/2018 Quick seller, helpful NightRaven09 NightRaven09
VinegarPancake VinegarPancake 12/19/2018 First time buyer, he was a delight to deal with and I'd sell to him again. Cheers!!! AstroJak AstroJak
AstroJak AstroJak 12/18/2018 Very fast & reliable. VinegarPancake VinegarPancake
AstroJak AstroJak 12/18/2018 Very fast & reliable. VinegarPancake VinegarPancake
Baelthor Baelthor 12/17/2018 Excellent buyer, fast and patient. Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net
Rear Admiral Net Rear Admiral Net 12/17/2018 Everything went perfectly. Baelthor Baelthor
GreycoldWind GreycoldWind 12/17/2018 Great buyer! A++ silrerbay silrerbay
silrerbay silrerbay 12/17/2018 Great seller! GreycoldWind GreycoldWind
Zero Null Cero Zero Null Cero 12/17/2018 Great trader, thank you very much drizzt1977 drizzt1977
AstroJak AstroJak 12/16/2018 Good trader! SirDoAlot SirDoAlot
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