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  2. CC-Corp

    too the members hit with the cold

    You get use it it
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  4. Another newegg sale....72-hour, expires midnight PST 23 Feb wicked RAM prices. G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 2400 (PC4 19200) Intel Z170 Platform / Intel X99 Platform Desktop Memory Model F4-2400C15D-32GVR $155!!!
  5. Caaran

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] Recruitment Open!

    Anyone want to group up tonight?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Nikopol

    pmc XIIIth Expeditionary Corps

    New sample of one our training. Video by [XIII] Kako - additional rushes by [XIII] Apollo.
  8. Danakar Endeel

    Argo SRV

    Well, still going to wait for the Q&A but I got me a little $10 Tracker-to-SRV CCU just to have the option available.
  9. Painmiester

    Argo SRV

    Looks like a good addition for the carrier. Everyone's a kraken to habe a go at it .Looks like a good addition for the carrier.
  10. Painmiester

    new comer Stromglade incoming detected

    I see a consumer with taste. A endeavor Pray tell. . .I see a convert
  11. Last week
  12. Boildown

    Ongoing Discussion Virpil Controls

    The WarBRD doesn't have enough buttons/hats. The classic CH Fighterstick should be the baseline, it had great buttons and hats ergonomically placed, if there were a left hand version it would be the ideal left hand stick because of the hard axis bump. Why modern joystick companies come out with sticks that don't meet or exceed the CH Fighterstick design is beyond me.
  13. Painmiester

    too the members hit with the cold

    all i can say its warm in trinadad Would you rather barefoot in the sand ocean pic Temp is a nice 82f w light breazes from east. Maybe Guyana next....
  14. J. Coren

    too the members hit with the cold

    "Hey, I heard it's snowing. That's too bad for you. Here's a picture of me where the weather is nice. Bet you wish you were here, huh?" srsly, dude....
  15. Skywing

    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    It's true that we can get all that equipment in game, the thing is, it will be the default loadout, and every time you get a new ship from insurance you will be ready to go with one of the best loadout's for SH (at the moment). The 15$ is the price of convenience, for not having to farm to buy the gear, and then have to equip it all the time (I know i'm lazy). That being said, I won't apply the CCU until we now how good it is with the new flight model. With the new flight model, gimbels may start to be great.
  16. Star Citizen Ship Readiness Chart (ARGO SRV edition)
  17. Painmiester

    too the members hit with the cold

    Howdy ALL Hope you enjoy the white stuff. wish i was there NOT. too cheer ya up. warm greetings from the tropic mon.
  18. Devil Khan

    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    Not all will be avaible in one place. The best things are its weapons and its powerplant. With less half heat generation of a standard F7C-M and nearly 20% better output from the powerplant. It only carries 4 weapons, but 1x S4 and 3x S3. Sustained dps is nearly double of default F7C-M It's not avaible until 3.5.
  19. Buckaroo

    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    I know it doesn't help our want for self-gratification right now, but the option to buy this loadout will be available in game (heck, it's available now as I described in an earlier post). AND as a note, what we have now in game is NOT final, which means this "Heartseaker" loadout may not be optimal in the future.
  20. Painmiester

    Drake Kraken

    NA,NODA, KAPUT. Stop the madness, SILLYNESS i say. ,YOU never Deball the mighty kraken. Belters first....
  21. Honrat

    Catalan Company (CATCOM)

    Allista't a CATCOM
  22. As the user has not posted pictures of the account or ship package in question, this will be closed.
  23. Zenno-z

    F7C-M Heartseeker Variant

    I currently have a STY and a S.Hornet to buyback. I may do just this and use my token to get the SH back. edit: crap nevermind, just remebered I upgraded to the STY from a LTI token ship... back to being indecisive. -.-
  24. Vanduul kingship - New vs old scale comparison
  25. Vanduul kingship - New vs old scale comparison
  26. VoA

    Argo SRV

    You just do what I do ------ keep your Vulture ..... and keep the CCU to the SRV in your hanger without applying it........ use the Vulture for awhile ...... then when the SRV is playable - apply the CCU
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