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  2. I made it to the second page before I noticed this was from 2015. Any new info as far as CAS on planet side may work? Just got the game last week and would be interested in some CAS tests.
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  4. | Corporation | Casual/Regular | 18+ preffered | Transport, Engineering, Support, Industrial & Security | Multi orgs: Allowed | EU, US and AUS members | AURA SOLUTIONS - At the forefront of the horizon... Social minded with a down-to-earth atmosphere organization looking for new members to fill many vacant positions. We are a recently founded organization with ambitions of creating a thriving community where diversity, fun and a positive social environment are among the main goals of our organization! Play the way you want, when you want! From the rookie to the veteran player. From the Casual to the hardcore player. EVERYONE is welcome at Aura Solutions! We fully understand, as it should be, that real life commitments are #1 priority. We allow members to have multi organization memberships and do not require Aura Solutions to be your main organization. Members may join as affiliate while also being considered full members of Aura Solutions. For more information please visit our RSI page, join our Discord or feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Links: Discord RSI Page / Miss_Celiiiii
  5. Wts Polaris with LTI Ship upgraded from P72 GBP£500 ie ($650 / Euro600) Verified Paypal only
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  8. Hello, Star Citizens. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors! Long Live Virtual Reality! By the way, I'm working on a home motion simulator that can spin with an unlimited range of motion about roll, pitch and yaw. Perfect for space flight simulators. I'm planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign, in the near future, on kickstarter, the very crowdfunding platform which helped Star Citizen come to life. Wouldn't it be awesome if we all could have a motion simulation platform at home to play Star Citizen? Just imagine! A motion simulator platform that spins in rotation_02.mov rotation_02.mov rotation_02.mov all three pitch, roll and yaw axes! Just image how much fun that would be! The idea is to make it as affordable as possible. I'm doing all of this by myself, all while working a full time job at a Japanese Car Factory, so, I need all the help and support I can get from the community in order to make this project a reality. I'd be happy to hear your comments, Thank rotation_02.mov
  9. Awesome and sublim, I was waiting for this product since day one, but definitively 1A0£ for a model not assembled nor painted is prohibitive (and we have to add VAT and transport fees so it more around 150€). This is the market price for premium die cast models. And you can find comparable plastic painted die cast for 30£ on other franchises... The magnet and swapable weapons are very clever and engaging, but you may be able provide more attractive price with simpler starting models (a simple gladius with no moving parts for example?). I would rather be very interested by your smaller (1/600 ?) version of the super hornet (I would be glad to provide a rule for a strategic boad game using those models ... the problem would be to supply 30 to 50 of those models for less than a thousand euros 😅).
  10. VoA

    Tesla CyberTruck

    Tesla Cybertruck Pre-Orders Unofficially Top 500,000 The group counting the pre-orders consists of Tesla owners and has no affiliation with Tesla. The tally is self-reported. TONY OWUSU 1 HOUR AGO Tesla (TSLA) - Get Report was roundly criticized when it debuted the Cybertruck back in November thanks to the pickup truck's unconventional design and a failed durability test that left the demonstration vehicle with a cracked window. But three months later, the company’s gamble on the vehicle could be paying off as the unofficial Cybertrucks Owners Club released numbers suggesting the vehicle has received 522,764 preorders in just three months. The group also compared Cybertruck preorders to Model 3 preorders, saying the Model 3 only received around 518,000 total reservations between its unveiling in April 2016 and August 2017. These again are unofficial numbers, and the idea that the Cybertruck has more pre-orders in three months than the mass market Model 3 had in nearly 18 months makes some people skeptical of the number. Tesla didn't respond to a request for comment. “The last time Elon Musk disclosed Cybertruck reservation figures was on November 26, 2019 when he tweeted that 250k pre-orders had been received,” the group’s message board said. “That means approximately 272k orders have been received in the 12 weeks since his last update; compared to the 250k reservations received in the first 5 days of ordering.” https://www.thestreet.com/investing/tesla-cybertruck-pre-orders-unofficially-top-500000?puc=yahoo&cm_ven=YAHOO&yptr=yahoo
  11. Hi guys Please excuse the sales pitch but I've only just come across this forum and I wanted to make you aware of us. We are JR Design & Fabrication (previously known as JR Fabrications) and we are the company behind the massive models you may have seen at CitizenCons of the past, such as that 6m long Dragonfly you might have had your photo take on, that Kraken model with the diorama on, the Sabre Raven from CitizenCon 2947 that is now in the Wilsmlsow office. All us. (There's actually only two of us and some amazing contractors). We now have an official license agreement with CIG for Star Citizen Kit Models. The range is small at the moment but we have big plans for increasing the range further in 2020. So far we have a 1:100 Arrow, a 1:40 Dragonfly and a 1:40 Greycat PTV. http;//jrfabrication.co.uk. We fund all of the R&D inhouse and need the current models to sell in order to fund the development of the rest of the range. So now, my plea, even if we don't do your ship yet, the best way to make sure that we do your kit is to help us spread the word amongst your communities. All of our kit models are 3d printed in high quality SLA resin which results in high level detail, and are limited in number, come with a certificate of authenticity, decals, magnets and include movable parts/interchangeable weapons (more weapon choices are coming soon). Happy to answer any questions you may have about the process, why we do what we do, how we do what we do etc. Any suggestions about where else we should be engaging with the community would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening. Kals
  12. new to SC and Imperium so hello all! Name is the same in here as the game.
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  14. Strange - it is showing up fine for me in the OP
  15. The content you have shared is not available ...
  16. Your welcome. Very happy you enjoyed it. I will be posting more to continue the story line.😊
  17. I totally agree with you, the Pheonix is my favorite too after all these years
  18. Wir, die das Banner des Löwen tragen, suchen Verstärkung. Jene die noch unentschlossen sind und jene die für die Freiheit des Verse sind. Jede Tonne Frachtraum, jede Rakete, jeder Schuß Munition zählt, genauso wie jede Waffe in den Händen eines entschlossenen Freiheitskämpfers. Wir, die PMC „Thelyn Ennor“ sind entschlossen alles zu tun um das Verse frei und vielfältig zu halten. Aber wir alleine können die Vanduulhorden, Piratenketzer und zerstörerischen Verbrechersyndikate nicht aufhalten. Wir brauchen jeden Mann, jede Waffe, alles was das freie Verse hat, um diese unendliche Aufgabe zu meistern.
  19. ok here s a cheep hotel trendy that groups can get. Los-Angeles-Hotels-Freehand-Los-Angeles as close as the others to convention center. just need to see where the pre and after partys will be in conjuntion to hotel locations. its a mix of hostile - and suits great for a small group trying to save -
  20. i guess ill arive on the 7th leave on the 12th that will leave room for the prepartys and maybe booth set up if needed.. looking hotels now found a few very cheep ones-
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