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    A Battlegroup looking to become a dedicated capital group for the Imperium Fleet. Protecting Imperiums allies, values and interests.

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    Our Mission From supplying from the home systems to venturing past Imperium frontiers, we ensure the supply chain is cared for and continues to run smoothly. The Lantern Watch assures situational awareness and maintains the strength and health of Imperium at home. Those wishing to take a break from escort duties can take up a crew position on The Lantern Shield, the Idris-P flagship or any of our smaller industry ships. Alternatively skilled members can captain an Orion, a Hull, Endeavor, Carrack or other large ship. For every interest there is a way even the greenest pilot can serve Lantern Watches mission. To ensure Imperium's cargo is where it needs to be, that it's ships are fueled and it's fighters are cared for. Be it with medical support, logistics, command and control or even reinforcements we are equipped to meet the need. It is through our dedication to diversity and mastery of a variety of disciplines that the Lantern Watch can make good on it's promise. To Lighten your burdens and protect your interests from port to point. Whether we have to find, mine, or exfiltrate those interests for you we are dedicated to getting them to where they are needed, or you to them. Our Style We are not competitive, we are loyal and service oriented. We just want things to work well and to have a good time doing it. It is Lantern Watch's intention to act as a reserve force, a supply train and to facilitate the needs of Imperium in less combat oriented roles. As a reserve unit, we encourage and facilitate training and will respond when called upon to reinforce the front lines. This means we will be working to assure we each maintain a high degree of Imperium Certification and to complete Imperium missions as often as is profitable. That's not to say we don't plan to venture forward and explore the uncharted wastes. In fact, we hope to do so in support of establishing a supply route to our own systems or to Imperium properties unknown to those not hoisting Imperium colors. Unit Admin is Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean (Whose name is pronounced "Shee Drak Mack Clean") Play Times: 11 pm UTC to 3 am UTC weekdays, 1 pm to 3 pm UTC on weekends. (6pm pm to 10pm Eastern during the week and 8am to 10pm on weekends) Additionally, members can be found gaming and accessible at prime times, but these hours each day are when Lantern Watch Admin is available. As some of our members are in Hawaii and other locales spread around the globe, I encourage the use of this time converter to plan the best time to make contact with a Lantern Watch member. Time Converter If that is the kind of experience you will enjoy, then make sure you: hit the Join button for this unit. You will also need to be registered on the Imperium Portal where you can find the Lantern Watch Unit Card. If you use Facebook, feel free to introduce yourself to your friendly neighborhood Unit Admin. Say hi to us on Discord or Imperium's Teampseak. Find the unit Admin on Steam, if you like, [IMP] Sidhe Drac Mac Gillean. Shoot a message to Sidghdrake on the RSI's website. However you reach the Unit Admins, they will get back to you and we will chat. Get your questions answered and introduce you to the rest of the watch. Then you will get pointed toward festooning your profile and signature with the Lantern Shield of the watch.

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    The 56th Joyriders, an Imperium multi-purpose unit for, and not limited to, military advances, exploration, transportation and baiting. We explore and scout from safe, local space all the way into deep space, from planet atmospheres to planetside and asteroid fields. Acting as an armed transport guarding our goods to guarding, securing and escorting your goods, from safest regions to the most dangerous and remote asteroid belts and regions. Bait, detour, scheme and tactical bombing can be expected from a Joyrider.

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    Mission Profile: Hunting the Vanduul and Bounty targets, Stealth Recon and/or Recon-by-Force, Deep Incursion strikes, Seek-&-Destroy raids, Capturing Vanduul & Capital Ships, Exploration, Trade & Industry – HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD

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    Nighthawks unit consists of Deep space explorers, full of enthusiasm to delve into the Verse, by undertaking Autonomous expeditions and other exploration activities, while remaining vigilant of any hostile and ready to relay critical information back to Imperium. Primary Activities: Autonomous Exploration, Anomaly Discovery, Navigations pathfinders, Planetary Surveying. Secondary Activities: Stellar Cartography, Target Acquisition, Covert Reconnaissance, Information Running. Are you interested in Deep space exploration with a hint of action?

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    Nebula Heavy Industries (NHI) is now recruiting! NHI is focused on multi-crew gameplay on various medium and large ships currently available, both industrial and military. NHI is looking to find like-minded individuals who are looking for the multi-crew experience. There is no need to own a multi-crew ship before applying to NHI. We have ALL models available for gameplay, drills, and testing. NHI is currently using medium and large multi-crew vessels to perform the following missions and assignments: -Cargo Hauling -Ground vehicle Transportation/Logistics -Combat Patrol -Asteroid and Surface Mining Operations -Exploration Expeditions NHI is currently looking to fill all roles associated with multi-crew ships, such as: -Command -Helm/Navigation -Engineering -Turret Operator (Manned + Remote) -Communications -Payload Specialist -Onboard Ship Security -Support Craft and Escort Pilots (*You will not be expected to man the same post day after day. Our expectation is that members will rotate through the various prefered crew stations to maximize versatility and maintain a fun and engaging atmosphere*) Are you looking for that multi-crew experience? Are you looking for a Unit that is active almost everyday? Then look no further, Nebula Heavy Industries might be just right for you! Apply today!

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    The elite combat element of Imperium, Cerberus aims to master a unity of combined industry, operations and combat.

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    Ultra Caelos, Domi Nostrae The Star Hawks represent a unit of driven explorers within Imperium, intending to undertake Deep-Space Exploration activities while remaining heavily armed to combat the threats expected in the area. While our methods may vary, all Star Hawks hold exploration, in all it's forms, as the ultimate goal.

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    Hydra will be focusing on military missions and roles to support the Imperium fleet.

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    EAC will support to the Imperium Fleet, focusing on Escort, Trade and may other roles.
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    69th Capital & Mining Squadron // WE MINE - WE FIGHT - Nos Aeris Metalla - Nos Vero Pugnabimus : The 69th Capital & Mining Squadron derived its name from a of old earth combat engineer unit the 1169th. The motto was from that same era in history as a Seabee motto ( We Build We Fight ) which was adapted by the miners to ( WE MINE-WE FIGHT ) ( Nos Aeris Metalla - Nos Vero Pugnabimus ) In the early days of Industrial space mining of the belts in old sol sector, small companies banded together from necessity and survival from competing corporations to include Pirates stealing ships and prize ore. Thus the 69th was born as a mining and combat unit. The early command staff recognized the fact the no help would be coming in time to save ships and personal. The need for onsite capital ships to protect the fleet and assets and a force multiplier the first capital was procured and the unit prospered. The rest is history,,

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    In wartime, an agressive strike force (unless fleet command needs us on another mission) - Deep Recon: chart enemy fleet movement/transport routes - Privateering: Hit and runs on enemy supply lines and resource ops - Guerilla warfare: Hit and runs on enemy patrols/fleets (may be in coordination with other squads) - Fleet support: Attack/Harras//Defend/Protect In Peacetime, commercial in different ways (some possibilities, fleet commandeering: If our fleet needs us, we are ready) - Mercenaries: Guns for hire, Protecting explorers, miners, transports - Bountyhunters: Getting credits for heads - Transport: Buy our own transports, trade and protect - Mining: Buy our own miners, mine and protect - Affiliating with transport/mining/explorer squads and joining forces

  • Closed Club  ·  27 members

    Mission Profile : Strategic Capital Security and Battlefield Support Detachment This squadron, in the long term, is designed to be an in-house Fleet Operation[WIP] fast response team for core fleet asset security, such as Fleet Capital Ships and Space Stations. Capital defense will require heavy shields and powerful swords, hence Quasar will inherited some of the most powerful weaponry in the universe to protect the pride and honor of Imperium. Training with a battlegroup consists of multiple Frigates and heavy bombers to deal with various hostile invasive strategies will be the key element of this squadron.

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    Triton - Space Operations is a Greek Unit with supportive role inside Imperium Org. Our name came from the mythological Greek God, Triton son of Poseidon and Amphitrite, the messenger of the sea. As main role we have Cargo Hauling but when duty calls we can provide supportive roles as military escort in missions, or Information Running. Sometimes we may need to travel in unknown space territories for salvaging or trade for exotic items.

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