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Command Training



Event details

This event began 04/09/2021 and repeats every 2 weeks on Friday forever

Training: Command Training

Time: 1900 UTC - 2000 UTC

Duration: 1 Hours

Meet: Port Olisar

Voice: Discord


Dear 205th. Members,


The idea of our unit is to be an effective, professional and fun unit. We will not be focused on fighters and bombers, we will not be doing scouting in small ships. Our goal as a unit is to be focused on bigger warships. Our foundation as a unit will be the Hammerhead class corvette and the Perseus class corvette, the sub-capitals. Our unit will become the most effective at operating these ships for Imperium's war effort. Once we have mastered these sub-capitals, only then will we start operations with capital ships.

Our capital warships will require support vessels, this is where our foundation comes in. Having all of our members trained in operating these sub-capitals will become a requirement. A carrier can not operate on it's own with known hostile territory. 

Therefore, we are holding command training for all future Captains. Here we will go over different methods of leadership, deescalating and most of all improving moral. This will be a mix of briefings and practical training in the verse.




Best Regards,

205th Administration

Edited by Adoulin

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